Application Of Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE Wax) In Cables

2024-05-16   Pageview:31

The application of oxidized polyolefin wax in cables. Oxidized polyolefin wax can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing, reduce production costs, has good compatibility with polyolefin resins, etc., and has good resistance at room temperature. It has good wet performance, strong chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties, which can improve the appearance of the finished product.

In the plastic processing industry, the internal and external lubrication effects of PVC are relatively balanced; adding oxidized polyethylene wax to hard transparent and opaque PVC formulations has better lubricity than other lubricants.

Application of oxidized polyethylene wax:
1. Oxidized polyethylene wax is widely used in the production of PE, PVC cables, PVC profiles, and pipes. It is an excellent new plastic processing lubricant. Oxidized polyethylene wax can also be used as raw and auxiliary materials for the production of textile softeners, car waxes, and leather softeners.
2. PVC foam board, PVC advertising board, PVC cabinet board, PVC transparent tile, PVC floor, PVC SPC floor, building formwork, WPC wood plastic products, etc.
3. Used as rubber processing lubricant, release agent and compatibilizer, especially suitable for PVC foam products and various PVC hard transparent and opaque formula products.
4. Used as dispersant, lubricant, brightener, and coupling agent for pigments and fillers of various materials.

As an excellent new polar wax, because the molecular chain of oxidized polyethylene wax contains a certain amount of carbonyl groups and hydroxyl groups, its compatibility with fillers, pigments, and polar resins is significantly improved. Its wettability and dispersion in polar systems are better than polyethylene wax, and it also has coupling properties. Mainly used in lubricating dispersants, PVC plastic processing, coatings, brighteners, textiles, coatings, paper and packaging, etc.


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