Features of PC anti-mold antibacterial agent

2021-10-16   Pageview:305

1, PC anti-mildew agent with excellent antibacterial properties, broad-spectrum sterilization, especially for Aspergillus, Penicillium, Trichoderma, etc. have special effects.
2, Small particle size, good compatibility with most industrial products, evenly dispersed, easy to transport, easy to use.
3, PC anti-mildew agent does not contain heavy metals, small irritation to human body, product safety and environmental protection.
4, Can withstand temperature 280 ℃, chemically stable, rain-resistant, UV-resistant, excellent weather resistance.
5, PC anti-mildew agent is compatible with most industrial products, almost does not change the color of the substrate and other physical and chemical properties.












There are many factors that affect leveling, such as the surface tension of the coating, the critical surface tension of the substrate, the viscosity, the solvent’s solubility and volatilization speed, the thickness of the wet film, the surface tension gradient between the surface and the inner layer of the wet film, and the construction method , The construction environment, the cleanliness of the substrate, etc. The low viscosity of the coating, the thickness of the coating film and the slow drying speed all contribute to the leveling of the coating film, but it is easy to sag: the solvent in the coating dissolves each resin component Differences in performance, contamination of the substrate and factors such as high temperature, high humidity, and more dust in the construction environment will cause shrinkage of the coating film. Among the above-mentioned influencing factors, the most important factors are the surface tension of the coating, the surface tension gradient of the wet film during the film forming process, and the surface tension uniformity of the wet film surface. The solvent’s ability to dissolve the resin and volatilization speed, paint viscosity, film thickness, substrate material and cleanliness, construction methods and construction conditions and other factors affect leveling, in fact, most of them are surface tension or surface tension gradients.

At work. It can be said that in order to obtain a smooth and smooth coating film, it is necessary to start with the formulation design and the use of additives, so that the coating has suitable surface tension and excellent ability to balance the difference in surface tension, so that after the coating is applied, it is easy to Form a coating film with good leveling.

The most effective way to prevent surface defects such as shrinkage, orange peel, polypropylene wax emulsion brush marks, and blooming of the coating film is to add anti-crater and leveling agents to the coating. Such additives are also called surface flow control agents, which can make the coating The surface tension of the coating is reduced to an ideal level, so that the surface tension of the coating is lower than the critical surface tension of the substrate or the surface tension of the contaminants in the coating film, which helps the wet film to fully wet the substrate and spread evenly, reducing the wet film The surface tension gradient generated in the slab can shorten the time of surface flow and upper and lower convection, so that the surface of the coating film can reach the uniformity of the surface tension as soon as possible, thereby reducing or eliminating the above-mentioned coating film defects, and obtaining a smooth and flat coating film.


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