Considerations for choosing water-based defoamer for coatings

2021-08-31   Pageview:289

In the coating industry, the widespread use of water-based coatings has led to the development of water-based defoamers more and more rapidly. Defoamers in water-based coatings can help companies eliminate the foam generated during the production of coatings. Companies may not know what they need to pay attention to when choosing and using water-based defoamers.










1, Good stability

Should choose a good stability of water-based defoamer, can inhibit the generation of foam for a long time, will not affect the gloss and quality of the coating.

2, Whether it affects the reproducibility of the coating

If you want to know whether the water-based defoamer affects the recoatability of the coating, I tell you can use high-speed mixing. First set the speed of the mixer, compare the foam of the same height, add different dosage and viscosity when stirring to judge the defoaming time and foam inhibition time. Wax addtives can give a good help to coatings also.

3,  Adding amount

Water-based coatings generally add 0.1% to 0.3%, no more and no less. Too much will cause shrinkage and other side effects, too little will not achieve the best defoaming effect.

4, Adding method

For diluted water-based coatings, most water-based defoamers cannot be added directly. For good coatings, when the viscosity of resin is relatively high, compared with the previous abrasive material, they should be added, and only half of them should be added in the second paint formation.

The above summary is the four points that should be noted when choosing water-based paint defoamer.


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