Precautions for the use of dry film anti-mildew agent 101

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1, Please stir well before use.
2, Do not mix with other chemical additives to avoid the failure of anti-mildew agent!
3, Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and eye mask to avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Wash with plenty of water and soap immediately after contact.












Studies have found that although the ionic photoinitiator has good dispersibility in the water dispersion system, for the most promising emulsified dispersion system, the ionic photoinitiator will coalesce and precipitate during the film-forming and drying process of the system. The spots are distributed in the coating, the photosensitive activity of the coating decreases, and the coating film becomes sick. If it is on the metal substrate, it will also induce the substrate to rust. For example, ionic benzophenone and thioxanthone are both found There are such characteristics. Therefore, in the emulsified light-curing system, it is more inclined to use moderately water-soluble polypropylene wax cas no photoinitiators to obtain a reasonable hydrophilic-lipophilic balance. The dispersion is good in an emulsified system with sufficient water, and it is also in the process of film loss. It must have good dispersion compatibility with the resin. For example, Ciba’s Daro cur 2959 is a successfully developed water-soluble photoinitiator. Although its solubility in pure water is only 1.7%, compared to the 0.1% solubility of its parent HM PP (that is, Daro cur 1173), it is water-soluble. The properties have been improved a lot, and the lipophilic-hydrophilic balance is ideal.

Anti-shrinkage, leveling agent
The surface state of the coating film is an important performance index of the coating, and the leveling property is a measure of whether the coating can flow to form a smooth, smooth and uniform coating film after construction. For coatings with poor leveling properties, during the construction process or during the film formation process after construction, due to internal or external reasons, there will usually be shrinkage, shrinkage, orange peel, brush marks, roll marks, sagging, Surface defects such as floating color and blurring will not only affect the decorative effect of the coating film, but also reduce or damage its protective function.


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