Application of FT wax in powder coating

2021-05-06   Pageview:917

Fischer-Tropsch synthesis refers to a production process in which carbon monoxide and hydrogen are combined with a unique catalyst to synthesize alkanes under high pressure. According to the requirements of downstream products (such as fuel, lubricating oil, wax), the FT process can synthesize alkanes with different chain lengths, and use distillation to separate alkanes.

Refined Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax has the characteristics of high melting point, low viscosity, high hardness and has excellent performance in many application fields.

FT wax can be applied to plastic processing, such as injection molding, extrusion and pelletizing industries. It can be used in the color masterbatch and modified plastics industry to help disperse the filler and excellent smoothness during mixing. Compared with ordinary PE wax, the addition amount is 10-20% less, and it can significantly improve the surface gloss of the product.

At the same time, it can reduce the extrusion viscosity. When the ink and coating are used in the ink as a particulate powder, it can improve the abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance of the applied material.

It can have a wrinkle effect when applied to the coating, and can form stripes and water lines when used with powder.

The powder coating resin is added to play a lubricating effect during the extrusion process, which can reduce the screw torque, reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency. Wax was originally used in powder coatings to improve the appearance of the coating film, including improving the smoothness, scratch resistance and water resistance of the coating film. Later, it was used to influence the rheological function of the coating, such as degassing, improving flow smoothing and matting ability, and changing the appearance of the coating.


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