The scope of use of iHeir-TQ paint anti-mold agent

2021-10-18   Pageview:682

1, Interior walls that are often damp and moldy.
2, Damp and mouldy walls caused by condensation due to insulation.
3, frequently moldy, annual moldy paint walls.
For users who require very long-lasting effect of mold removal pay attention to mold caused by water leakage.
Common building, office, living room 1-2%, easy to grow moldy workshop, plant use to add 1-2%.













The polyamide wax is much less sensitive to temperature, and its thixotropy will not be destroyed when it is produced and used at room temperature to 80°C. It is a rheological modification with good anti-sagging effect and leveling effect at the same time. Agent. This type of rheology additive is also an ideal flow modifier suitable for ink, and its good thixotropic effect can well balance the leveling and sagging relationship of the ink after printing. Polyamide wax rheology modifiers are mostly used in the form of wax slurry, which is more convenient than using wax powder. It does not require high-temperature curing steps, and can be used directly when added to the coating for uniform dispersion.

Modified silicone-based leveling agents and polyacrylate-based leveling agents can improve the surface condition by forming a thin film on the surface of the coating film, so that the surface can be stabilized during the drying or curing process of the coating film, reducing the surface flow and preventing shrinkage The formation of defects such as holes, teardrops, orange peel, etc., thereby reducing or preventing sagging. Scrape the colored paint with polyamide wax, polyether modified silicone, acrylic copolymer and no leveling agent or rheology modifier on the tinplate with a sagging instrument, according to GB/T9264 Method to determine the sagging performance, the results are shown in Figure 8-6. The anti-sagging effect of the sample without leveling agent or rheological additive is very poor, while the anti-sagging effect of the sample with polyamide wax is the best, followed by the sample containing polyether modified silicone , The sample added with acrylic copolymer also has a certain anti-sagging effect.


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