Application of BJ-789 putty powder anti-mildew agent

2021-10-26   Pageview:322

This product is widely used in the anti-mold of interior and exterior latex paint, glue, putty powder, diatomaceous mud and cellulose, and is suitable for the anti-mold of environmentally friendly latex paint and powder products as well as the production of products requiring anti-corrosion and anti-mold.













Stable nitrogen radical inhibitor and alkyl radicals for disproportionation termination
~~~~CH, -CHX+(CgH;) zN-N―CgH, (NO z); one
~~CH-CHX+(C; H 5) 2N-NH-CsHa(NO 2) 3(4-47)
The stable nitroxide radicals and alkyl radicals can be directly coupled to terminate, and the reaction is shown in formula (4-48) [21, 22″.

Nitroxyl radicals can be coupled with free radicals generated by the decomposition of AlBN, but cannot be directly coupled with alkoxy radicals generated by peroxy compounds (including persulfates). But as long as the alkoxy radical initiates the monomer to become a monomer radical, it can be immediately terminated by the nitroxide radical.

Triphenylmethyl radical is a stable free radical separated earlier. Its inhibitory effect is not as montan wax sds good as DP PH. When it is added to pure styrene and thermally polymerized at 100°C, the induction period is shorter than expected. It may also be an initiator for active monomers at high temperatures. Since triphenylmethyl radicals cannot capture free radicals stoichiometrically, they cannot be used to determine the rate of initiation.


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