Anti-mold anti-bacterial agent applications – Polyester

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Polyester (Polyester):

Polyester is usually resistant to microbial degradation, but only in special cases can it be affected by microorganisms, for example, polyester obtained from e-caprolactone can be affected by microbial degradation.














Triphenyltin has a lower vapor pressure than tributyltin at room temperature, and is usually compounded with cuprous oxide to prepare long-lasting antifouling coatings.
The main manufacturer of T PTC is Nitto Kasei Corporation of Japan. In my country, the Marine Chemical Research Institute completed commercialization after years of research in the late 1980s.
The chemical structural formula of triphenyltin fluoride is O: s-s for short as T PTF.
Insoluble in water and organic solvents

Organotin polymer Organotin polymer is the base resin of tin self-polishing antifouling paint, and it is also an antifouling agent. It is mainly a copolymer of methyl methacrylate and tributyltin methacrylate or tributyltin acrylate. There are mainly three companies producing in the world, ptfe powder bulk Atochem in the United States, Nitto Ka in Japan, and Acima in Switzerland. Now take Atochem as an example.

The trade name of Atochem’s organotin polymer is biomet.
The hydrolysis and polishing performance of organotin resin directly affects the polishing performance and antifouling effect of antifouling coatings. The polishing rate of biomet resin measured at 20°C and 10kn (1kn=1nmile/h).
Non-tin organic antifouling agent
Since organotin antifouling agents are very harmful to the marine ecological environment and have been restricted and prohibited by various environmental protection regulations, the antifouling agent used in the current mainstream antifouling coatings is a composite of cuprous oxide and organic antifouling agent , Improve the anti-pollution period effect by synergistic effect. At present, the key organic antifouling agents that can be used are as follows.


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