Use of JM-651 anti-mildew agent for coating

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Coating anti-mildew agent JM-651 is easy to add and mix, it can be added directly in the process of grinding and mixing paint while stirring to make it mixed or in the paint pool (tank), in order to achieve anti-corrosion effect need to be fully mixed.














Swelling and sinking
The drier can directly affect the viscosity growth of the paint during storage and the sedimentation of the pigment. High-viscosity alkyd resin and alkaline pigment zinc oxide are ground together in the presence of a drier, which will promote drying or swelling during storage. This is due to the reaction between free fatty acids and alkaline pigments during thermal processing. Therefore, when making paint with high-viscosity paint, lead, cobalt, and manganese driers should not be added during the grinding process. Adding 1% benzoic acid can reduce the tendency to swell.
The drier can accelerate the sedimentation of the pigment during the storage of the paint. For example, when titanium dioxide is used to make paint, zinc naphthenate is added during grinding, and the pigment is easy to settle and form hard lumps. Therefore, adding a drier before the pigment grinding can make the storage of the paint poor, easy to swell, gel, and agglomerate at the bottom.

Wrinkled skin and air lines
The formation of wrinkled skin and air lines and other ill-conditioned paint films is due to the fact that after the coating is applied, the surface dries quickly but the conjunctiva, and the bottom dries slowly so that the bottom is still liquid. The surface film is in the form of micelles, which absorbs the low-molecular-weight polymer in the bottom liquid and expands, deforming the paint film and wrinkling the skin, and producing cobweb-like air lines. Wrinkles are produced when the paint film is dry, but when the paint film is thick, it will also occur after a few days. Air lines appear before the paint film hardens. Varnishes and low-pigment dichroic paints are prone to air lines, and high-pigment dichroic paints are prone to wrinkles.

The formation of wrinkles and air lines is related to the characteristics of the resin. Glycerol alkyd resins with tung oil, dehydrated castor oil, and catalpa oil as raw materials are prone to wrinkles and air lines. The pentaerythritol soybean oil alkyd resin has excellent anti-wrinkle and anti-airline properties. Air lines are prone to occur eaa emulsion sds in a cold and humid construction environment. If the paint film is too thick, it is easy to form wrinkles. The amount of drier also has a greater impact.


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