How to improve the abrasion resistance of yarn?

2022-01-05   Pageview:659

The abrasion resistance of yarn is closely related to the structure of yarn. Different spinning methods, different ways of winding fibers in yarn, and different sizes of holding force between fibers also have different abrasion resistance.

Traditional ring spinning yarn has poor abrasion resistance because most of the fibers are in the form of spiral threads, and when repeatedly rubbed, the spiral thread fibers gradually become axial fibers, and the yarn is easy to lose twist and disintegrate and wear off quickly.

Non-traditional spinning yarn has obvious advantages in abrasion resistance, rotor yarn, jet yarn and vortex yarn are composed of two parts: yarn core and outer fiber, yarn surface wrapped with irregular winding fiber, yarn is not easy to disintegrate, while the surface friction coefficient of yarn is large, in the fabric between the yarn and yarn hold well, not easy to produce relative slip, so the abrasion resistance is improved.

Compared with ring yarn, compact spinning yarn has neat and straight fiber arrangement, the yarn structure is tight, the fiber is not easy to disintegrate, so the wear resistance of the yarn is good.

 Features of  wax emulsions for yarn

1. its smoothness and softness can protect the pulp film to reduce the coefficient of friction of warp yarn and reduce the rate of yarn breakage.

2. Excellent anti-tearing and anti-static properties.

3. It adopts environment-friendly non-ionic emulsifier, which meets the requirements of export orders.

4. It will not cause pollution to the dyed and bleached fabrics, and it has good compatibility with other dyeing auxiliaries and can also be used as pile lubricant.

Yarn wax emulsion has good compatibility with other auxiliaries and can be used in the same bath with various cationic and anionic auxiliaries and organosilicon softener and smoothing agent without antagonistic precipitation, and has good effect in compounding; it is resistant to high temperature and does not make the fabric yellow, especially for processing the special white products of cellulose fiber, it can be used in the same bath with whitening agent and does not affect the whiteness of the fabric at all. Yarn emulsifying wax can effectively protect the strength of cellulose fiber, improve the tearing strength of the fabric and increase the abrasion resistance finishing.

Yarn wax emulsion is often used as yarn lubricant and finishing agent for knitted products that do not require finishing; it can also be used as additive for warp sizing of finished woven products to change the characteristics of finished fabrics; it can also be used as pile lubricant.


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