Adding Wax Powder Will Cause The Paint To Peel Or Crust

2022-12-05   Pageview:362

Adding wax powder will make the paint peel or crust? During the coating film forming process, when the coating film is cooled, the wax powder will precipitate out and form fine particles, which float on the surface of the coating film to play the role of texture, matting, smoothness, and anti-scratch; properly select micronized wax Various patterns can be obtained with the paint system. Generally speaking, wax powder will not cause peeling or crusting of the paint, but the following aspects should be paid attention to in the process of adding wax powder:

1. Temperature control: Low molecular weight PE or synthetic wax, due to the fine particle distribution in it, will soften when the temperature is high, so that it aggregates and is not easy to disperse. Therefore, it is recommended that when stirring, the stirring temperature should be controlled below 50 degrees Celsius, especially in summer, more attention should be paid to controlling the stirring temperature.
2. Adding time: Wax powder can usually be added at any time. However, for extrusion-type mixing devices, it should be added at the end of extrusion as much as possible.
3. Adding method: Stir at a low speed first, and then sprinkle the wax powder in small amounts in batches. After all the wax powder is added, increase the stirring speed to 1200rpm, and fully stir until completely dispersed Mix well, and you must always pay attention to temperature control when stirring.
4. Precautions: Generally, it is ideal to use esters or alcohols as pre-dispersion solvents for wax powder. Try to avoid using toluene or xylene to mix wax powder directly, because the strong penetrating power of the solvent will make the wax powder aggregate and difficult to disperse, especially low molecular weight PE. Only use mixed wax slurry or last addition method.


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