Technical index of JM-651 anti-mildew agent for coating

2021-10-21   Pageview:500

Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
Content%≥: 4.0
PH value: 4.0-6.0
Density 20℃(g/cm3):1.04













The effect of the amount of drier on the wrinkle of the paint film. Use long oil linseed oil pentaerythritol alkyd enamel with different driers to flow-coat a thick film of 16mg/cm² on the glass plate to observe the wrinkle.
Note: 1./No wrinkled skin; Ten wrinkled skin; Ten + slightly more wrinkled skin; Ten eleven more wrinkled skin: ++++ Severely wrinkled skin. 2.4 times to 6 times is 4 times or 6 times the normal paint film thickness,
The results can prove that cobalt and lead driers have little effect on wrinkle properties, while manganese driers have strong wrinkle properties, calcium and lead driers have obvious anti-wrinkle properties, eaa copolymer emulsion while zinc driers have no effect. effect.

The normal ratio of lead, manganese, and cobalt driers are used in ester glue and phenolic paint, which has better resistance to thick film wrinkling. Manganese drier seems to have no obvious wrinkle to paint.
The effect of the amount of drier on the airstripe of the paint film The medium oil alkyd of tung oil-linolenic oil is mixed with different driers, and the airstripe test of the varnish is done in the laboratory environment in winter.
The above test results prove that in tung oil, dehydrated castor oil, and catalpa oil alkyd resin, the use of manganese drier in unsuitable construction environment is prone to air streaks. Calcium drier can also improve its resistance to air lines.

Fogging and frosting
The fogging of the paint is caused by the extremely small irregular irregularities on the surface.
The surface of the misty paint film is distributed with small irregular bumps, sometimes in the form of volcanic notches at the top of the protrusions. This phenomenon is because when the paint film is cured, the enclosed solvent or volatilized oxidation cracking product escapes from the weak point of the paint film, causing the paint film surface to break phase.


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