Features of coating biocides

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1, Highly stable, meets EU eco-label requirements

2, Kills many kinds of bacteria, fungi and yeast, low dosage, high efficiency.

3, Easy to use, stable and reliable performance, no harm to skin, eye mucous membrane at the use concentration, and no cumulative pollution to the environment.












Light stabilization of light stabilizers and coatings
There are several key steps in the photo-aging process of the coating. First, the coating must have components or structures that can effectively absorb solar ultraviolet rays. The photo-aging process is often accompanied by photo-oxidation reactions, in which singlet oxygen, ozone and ground state oxygen exist. It is the key to this process. Alkyl hydrogen peroxide and free radicals (including peroxy free radicals) are important links for the continuous progress of photooxidation and photodegradation. Therefore, in view of these key points, by adding different functional additives to inhibit or block these steps, the photoaging of the polymer coating can be greatly alleviated. This auxiliary agent that helps to improve the anti-photoaging performance of the coating is called a light stabilizer. .
A suitable light stabilizer should meet the following basic requirements:

① The light stabilizer should have sufficient efficiency to inhibit the light aging of sasol wax c the polymer material and delay its light aging process;
②The light stabilizer has good compatibility with the coating formula and curing cross-linking system to prevent phase separation or penetration and migration in the cured film;
③The light stabilizer should have low volatility, otherwise when it is present in the coating in a small concentration, volatility loss will easily occur;
④Since the film-forming process of light-curable coatings involves light absorption, excitation transitions and the generation of active free radicals, light stabilizers should not seriously interfere with or hinder the effects of these links. Otherwise, the light curing rate and the degree of cross-linking of the cured film will be affected. The performance is poor and cannot meet the design requirements;
⑤Light stabilizer exists only as an additive in the coating system, and it is usually not expected that it will undergo chemical reactions that change the functional properties of the coating formulation components, so as not to affect the light stabilization efficiency and the performance of the light-cured film;
⑥The light stabilizer should have a long-term function of inhibiting light aging;
⑦The light stabilizer should be non-toxic, safe and low cost.


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