Features of 9140 water-based waterproof wax emulsion

2021-12-11   Pageview:669

9140 is a highly effective surface water repellent for aqueous coatings, which can significantly reduce the surface tension of the coating film and migrate to the surface of the coating film to form a protective film during the drying process, resulting in a good water repellent effect.

It is an ideal surface water repellent for water-based varnish and water-based ink, and can make the surface of the coating film have a lotus leaf-like water repellent effect.

Used in exterior paint emulsions to improve the water repellency and stain resistance of exterior walls.

Used in textile, non-woven, and paper fiber waterproofing industries.

Add to leather finishing agent, it can increase the wax feeling, brightness and water repellency of leather.














The seat of powder coating is made of grape and the corresponding powder is used to paint varieties.
The application fields of powder coatings and the corresponding use of powder coatings
Use of Acoustic Coating
Jiayang Electric
Indoor use barrel, washing machine. Electric air flow power supply equipment: Epoxy wall material for outdoor use wide exterior material Kangyin ester paint
Cars and delivery vehicles
Car noodles and Tan Guangyuan: Song Chuangbing chanting ring powder was collected to paint all cars, and the departmental decoration of the bus or epoxy poly-five pine heel and inner moon accessories: Huanlanke umbrella powder coating

Building materials
Material information door, six-flower board, exhibition preparation: Guangwaizhou polystone and surface dyeing knowledge: household epoxy pipe and defense
Oil and gas pipelines for dry oil and atmosphere: ring air shoe paint, polyethylene wax unpainted Dabie dad: ring air powder bath set
Flower T-line stacking, large rate of oil, surgery, and fine-grained pipes, epoxy coating 1 uncoated water pipe: polynon-circular air travel, Otosawa powder wood
Instruments and meters are heartbroken
Outdoor electric identification box gathers seed and rack to use the right, instrument, switch in the paint factory
Metal components and national products
Guangwai supplies: Polyester and gas-exploring wood materials. Guangzhi supplies: Hehuan powder coating office double furniture and net only office furniture. Poly tire ring gold poly powder coating courtyard net home, Juyang and Juhan Shanmoxu materials.
Gaoyun highway guardrail and fence net, road, Jiaoxinyang and polyhydrosongsong paint, set Z. spunsonglai palm material and upper

Ju string and Ju Mu talk about indoor products: box oxygen into the paint
Li Hui is a material coating medium-passenger fiber grade (MDP) version, fine glass steel: Peizhou Hua’s various gods, thermosetting ten-fin paint, and Deng assembles various window wood coatings
From the perspective of the powder coatings market in North America in 2012, industrial powder coatings accounted for 33.1%, followed by automotive powder coatings with 15.4%, followed by furniture powder coatings with 11.9%6. Powder coatings for packaging and processing accounted for 9.3%, powder coatings for household appliances 9.1%, powder wood coatings for gardening and agricultural machinery accounted for 7.7%, powder coatings for electronic appliances accounted for 7.0%, powder coatings for building materials accounted for 4.4%, and powder coatings for heating Paint accounted for 2.1%.


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