Application of coating anti-mildew agent KP-M21

2021-10-29   Pageview:315

It is suitable for polyvinyl alcohol water-based adhesives, vinyl acetate water-based adhesives, acrylic water-based adhesives, polyurethane water-based adhesives, epoxy water-based adhesives, phenolic water-based adhesives, silicone water-based adhesives, rubber water-based adhesives; water-soluble coatings, water-dilutable coatings, water-dispersible coatings and other viscous liquids.













Solvent-based polymer
Polymer emulsion
Monodisperse emulsion and solvent type
The relative viscosity of the polymer is like

When the solid content is below 40%, the viscosity is lower than that of the solvent-based polymer: when the solid content of the emulsion is higher than 40%, the solid content (mass) of the 20406080 polymer changes%
The viscosity will rise sharply, and the viscosity change of the solvent-based polymer will gradually increase with the volatilization of the relative viscosity of the monodisperse emulsion and the solvent-based polymer.
Generally, it is impossible to obtain a true flow state with the method described above. Because it cannot provide enough influence or product variety, rheological additives are widely used, which can hdpe wax quantity achieve various required different results, or reduce the viscosity of the painting, or improve the leveling, or increase the viscosity with time. The effect, such as the shear rate function, can be achieved by the thixotropic agent.
The thixotropic agent can provide thixotropy related to the shear history and time.
Thickening and rheology additives used in water-based coatings


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