Catalyst–activated alumina

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Activated alumina, also known as activated alumina, is usually referred to as “activated alumina” which uses alumina in the catalyst. It is a porous, high-dispersion solid material with a large surface area and micropores. The surface has a catalytic action.












Forms of Use Aliphatic hydrocarbons used as slip and anti-scratch agents need to be processed before use to obtain three forms of use suitable for the application.

a. Water wax slurry wax block (wax particle size is 1~10pm, easy to disperse [such as BYK-Cerafak127, Deqian (Thai)). When using it, directly add it to the paint, stir and disperse evenly with high-speed stirring, and the wax particles are suspended good.

Or add the wax block (or flakes, powder, granule) into the solvent, and wet-grind it into a solvent slurry. The particle size of the wax is 3~25um. When in use, it is directly added to the coating products after high-speed dispersion, such as BYK-Ceracol 600, BYK-Ceracol 601. This type of solvent wax slurry is suitable for various solvent-based coatings.
C. Micronized wax processes the wax into white fine powder, 100% solids, the particle size is 1~15um, the powder is fine and uniform. When in use, it is directly dispersed in the paint after high-speed stirring. Products such as BYK-Ceraflour996, BYK-Ceraflour980, German MW-636, MW-631. This kind of micronized wax is suitable for solvent-based coatings, powder coatings, and some products can also be used for water-based coating systems.
Finally, it must be noted that while using wax slip agents to obtain slip, scratch resistance and anti-blocking properties, it has a certain degree of matting effect, which will affect the gloss of the coating film. In addition, waxes have poorer slipping effect and surface smoothness than the polysiloxane slip agents described below. Therefore, in actual work, waxes are often used in combination with polysiloxanes, showing The advantages of both.
The fatty acid amides used as slip agents include oleic acid amide and some unsaturated fatty acid amides. At present, this kind of slip agent is not used much.

Since polysiloxane organosiloxane was first used as an anti-floating agent in the coating industry in 1952, after decades of research and efforts, different types and brands of polysiloxane products have been commonly used in coatings. In many aspects of the industry, it has also become a slip-increasing and anti-scratch agent that has good effects, is widely used, and has other side effects.


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