Application Of OPE Wax In PVC Heat Shrinkable Film

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The application of OPE wax in PVC heat shrinkable film. In the production of PVC heat shrinkable film, adding an appropriate amount of oxidized polyolefin wax to the formula can improve the processing performance and make the PVC particles easier to break and melt. The gelation speed and melting quality of the material are improved, and the melt strength is high.

Oxidized polyethylene wax(OPE Wax) is a low molecular weight polyethylene, which is characterized by a high softening point (above 100°C), which is close to high molecular weight polyethylene. The melt viscosity and hardness are close to those of stone wax. As a lubricant, its chemical properties are stable and its electrical properties are good. Polyethylene wax has good compatibility with polyolefin, polypropylene, polyvinyl cerate, propylene rubber and butyl rubber, and can improve the fluidity of polyolefin, polypropylene, ABS and polymethyl methacrylate, Release properties of polycarbonate.

micronized pe wax

Compared with PVC and other external lubricants, oxidized polyolefin wax has a stronger internal lubrication; in addition, it can also be used for ink, paper, concentrates, biological dual-decomposition materials, mulch and candles, etc. , can also be used in paints and hot melt adhesives, adhesives and so on.

PVC has good properties, but it also has disadvantages, one of which is poor thermal stability. The role of oxidized polyolefin wax is to restrain or prevent PVC from being degraded by heat during processing and prolong its service life.
Oxidized polyolefin wax should not affect the color and transparency of the product, have good compatibility with resins, plasticizers, etc., be cheap, and use a small amount.

The position of lubricant in polymer processing is also very important. In the production of pvc heat shrinkable film, an appropriate amount of lubricant should also be added to reduce harmful friction and interface adhesion. use
The matching amount of internal and external lubricants can reduce the matching cost.

The molecular chains of stearic acid and oxidized polyolefin wax have carboxyl and hydroxyl polar groups, which can significantly improve the compatibility of PVC and have a unique internal and external lubrication effect.
Plasticizer is one of the important additives in the processing of PVC heat-shrinkable materials. It can reduce the force between polymer molecules, increase the plasticity of polymers, and improve the molding performance of PVC.


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