Application of wax emulsions in water-based coatings

2021-08-14   Pageview:487

Wax emulsions are used as efficient surface hydrophobic and anti-adhesive agents in water-based coatings, which can significantly reduce the surface tension of the coating; they can migrate to the surface of the coating to form a protective film during the drying process of the coating, producing a good water repellent and anti-adhesive effect.

The use of wax emulsion
1, Ideal water repellent and anti-adhesive agent for water-based paint (metal paint, wood paint, plastic paint, etc.), water-based paint and water-based ink, which can provide lotus-like water repellent effect. It also has certain effect in anti-friction, anti-scratch and increase gloss.

2, Waterproof finishing for textiles, and can be applied in printing paste.

3, Paper products waterproof agent, sizing agent, anti-adhesive agent, etc. Especially applied in fruit bag paper.

Storage precautions of acrylic wax emulsion
1, Keep airtight and cool, pay attention to anti-freezing.

2, The shelf life of the original package at room temperature is six months. Once the container is opened, it is recommended to use up within a short period of time.

3, To ensure the homogeneity of the product, please shake well before use, and it is recommended to filter the product before use.

4, When mixing with resin, solvent and other substances, please try its suitability in advance, especially considering the PH value. It is generally recommended to add the wax emulsion at the end of the mixing process.

Most of the waxes in water-based surface coating formulations act on changing the surface properties of the coating, such as improving slip or anti-slip, anti-abrasion, anti-adhesion, changing gloss, water repellency, rust prevention, etc. In use, wax particles are required to occupy the surface of the coating during the drying process, forming a barrier layer and thus providing protection.


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