Coil Steel Coating High Temperature Resistant Wax Powder

2022-12-07   Pageview:153

High temperature resistant wax powder for coil steel coatings gives solvent-based coatings, inks and powder coatings excellent slip and abrasion resistance, and it gives extremely low coefficient of friction while maintaining excellent miscibility and dispersibility. Based on the combination of polytetrafluoroethylene and polyolefin, it is suitable for oil paint and powder coating, which reduces the coefficient of friction and makes the paint film have particularly good slip and scratch resistance.

Provide the following properties and advantages in coatings:
The low coefficient of friction makes the paint film have very good slipperiness;
Increase hardness, good scratch resistance and wear resistance;
Good resistance to metal scratches;

Coil coating high temperature resistant wax powder usage:
It is very easy to disperse and can be added by ordinary stirring, but when the viscosity of the system is very low, it needs to be dispersed with a high-speed disperser or a sand mill.


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