What is molecular sieve desiccant?

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It is a synthetic desiccant product with strong adsorption to water molecules. The pore size of molecular sieve can be controlled by different processing process, besides adsorbing water gas, it can also adsorb other gases. In the case of high temperature above 230℃, it can still accommodate water molecules well. Advantages: good adaptability. Disadvantages: low moisture absorption rate, poor environmental protection (non-degradable).










There is no direct comparison between the physical quantities of the slip effect. In addition, the method of expressing the scratch resistance of the coating film is to use the load-bearing force. The scratch resistance of the coating film reflected by the formation of scratches on the surface of the coating film is expressed by the size of the load-bearing mass (g). The larger the value, It shows that the stronger the coating film’s ability to low polymer wax increase slip and scratch resistance, the better the effect of slip agent.

detecting machine
The earliest method to determine the slippage effect of the coating film is to scrape the surface of the coating film with a nail, or place the coating surface  obliquely to determine the angle of the object’s sliding. Surface defects affect the repeatability of the measurement results.

At present, the devices used to determine the smoothness of the coating film surface can be roughly divided into three types: (1) The drag type meter is designed on the basis of μ= and the physical experiment in Figure 13-4. For example, the sliding/peeling tester invented by Robert Heinrich can actually record and measure small changes in the coefficient of friction.

A pendulum type meter measures the energy loss of a pendulum, which indirectly indicates dynamic friction.
Articulated strut devices (articulated strut devices) are designed on the basis of the principle of Д = tan Ф force decomposition. For example, the NBS / Brungraber tester invented by Brungraber is a portable and portable instrument for measuring the smoothness of the coating film surface.  In addition, the current device for measuring the degree of scratch resistance of the coating film is the Kleeman scratch hardness Tester (Clemen scraching tester).

In actual work, a simple and practical method for measuring the coefficient of friction is to place a rubber plate of a certain shape and thickness on a test plate  coated with a coating film, and then place a heavy P weight on the rubber plate and pull it in the horizontal direction. Pull the rubber plate and suspend the load (or connect the spring scale), and measure the load F when the rubber plate of the load weight starts to slide on the coating film (or the reading F of the spring scale), then you get; Static friction coefficient p section F

This method can be used to compare the sliding effect of the slip agent on the coating film in parallel or with a blank sample.


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