What is mineral desiccant?

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Mineral desiccant is composed of several kinds of natural minerals. The appearance is grey-white small ball. It is non-toxic and harmless, and is a degradable and environmental friendly desiccant. The moisture absorption rate is more than 50%, which is twice of ordinary silica gel.












Application effect of slip and anti-scratch agent
Generally speaking, slip and anti-scratch agents can be added at any stage of the paint making process, and their use effects will not be affected. The use forms and methods of aliphatic hydrocarbon slip and anti-scratch agents have been described above in this chapter. Polysiloxane slip and anti-scratch agents need to be diluted with a solvent to the applied viscosity before use.
The following examples mainly illustrate the use of aliphatic hydrocarbons and polysiloxanes as slip and anti-scratch agents.
Use effect, and the comparison of the two application effects.
Effect of aliphatic hydrocarbon slip and anti-scratch agent
Figure 13-6 is the slip and scratch resistance of aliphatic hydrocarbon slip agent in two-component wood varnish
The experimental results of the injury effect are expressed in terms of the hardness value of Clement scratches.
Ceraflour 996 is a polytetrafluoroethylene modified polyethylene wax. Ceraflour 980 is pure PTFE wax.
Clement scratch hardness/kg

It can be seen that, compared with the blank control sample, the Crimman scratch hardness value of the coating film added with aliphatic hydrocarbon slip agent is increased by 77% and 96%, which greatly improves the slip and anti-scratch effect. Contrast. In the case of the same addition amount ceraflour 996 Bottom, add 0.2% pure PTFE ceraflour 996+0.2% ceraflour 980  Vinyl wax 980 has better anti-scratch effect. This is because, as mentioned above, PTFE wax is more effective than polyolefin wax in terms of slip and scratch resistance.

The slipping effect of aliphatic hydrocarbons in two-component wood varnish (addition of 1% solid wax)
Use effect of polysiloxane slip and anti-scratch agent
Modified polysiloxane slip and anti-scratch agents have obvious slip effects in coatings, and the addition amount is small.
Modified polysiloxane slip agent is used in the solvent-based system of vinyl acetate/vinyl chloride copolymer (VAC/VC) and the water-based system of polyurethane/acrylic dispersion, and its sliding angle varies with the amount of addition. curve.


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