Introduction of Eastman Advantis 510W Adhesion Promoter

2021-11-30   Pageview:304

Eastman Advantis 510W adhesion promoter was developed specifically for modified polypropylene substrates.

Eastman Advantis 510W adhesion promoter has excellent compatibility with many waterborne resins, offering great formulation options for primers. In laboratory tests, it has shown excellent adhesion with a variety of commercially available topcoats. It has also shown strong resistance in high-pressure flushing tests, even after exposure to weathering, humidity, heat, and aging.














AS3B special effect wrinkle agent is acrylic polymer, the appearance is white transparent powder, the solid content is greater than 98.5%, and the softening point (ring and ball method) is 114~122℃. It can be used not only in wrinkle (orange) powder coatings, but also in powder coatings. Patterns and hammer patterns in powder coatings. AS3B special effect wrinkle agent is suitable for various resin system powder coatings. It can be added by dry mixing under low shear conditions, or it can be obtained by mixing with the base powder and pigment at the same time, even if the base powder has leveling agent The smooth appearance powder coating also produces wrinkles or patterns with strong three-dimensional effect. The dosage and particle size of AS3B special effect wrinkle agent have an impact on the appearance of the powder coating film. The general dosage is 0.3% to 1% of the total amount of the base powder, and the particle size is controlled between 140 and 180 mesh, which can be determined according to the actual situation. The problem of wrinkle exposure (shrinkage) of the coating film can be adjusted by adding a minimum leveling agent.

Other wrinkle agents
The amount of wrinkle agent sold by Hangzhou Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is 0.2%~0.3% of the total formula. The company’s deep wrinkle TS additive (ZS702) is an additive wax emulsion malaysia added in order to overcome the disadvantages that the coating film is prone to show off when the three-dimensional effect in the wrinkle powder is strong, or the wrinkle texture is not obvious. The deep wrinkle TS additive is a white powder. The recommended dosage is 0.5%~0.8% of the total formula. It is added during the batching by internal addition. After adding this additive, the three-dimensional feeling of the coating film will be enhanced, but it only serves as an auxiliary function. Used alone as a wrinkle agent.

The HOT 805 wrinkle agent sold by Hubei Hongtu Chemical Products Co., Ltd. is also similar to the above AS10 wrinkle agent. The formulated powder coating has a clear wrinkle texture, strong three-dimensional effect, and it is not easy to show the bottom when it is thin. The dosage is 0.1%~0.2% of the total formula , Adding within the ingredients when adding, the addition of HOT 805 wrinkle agent affects the size of the wrinkle texture, when the addition amount increases, the texture becomes smaller, and when the addition amount decreases, the texture becomes larger.


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