Introduction of adhesion promoter HY-2063

2021-11-30   Pageview:429

HY-2063 is an adhesion promoter with multiple anchoring groups developed on the basis of branching technology. It has strong adhesion ability to metal substrates and has hydroxyl groups that can participate in the cross-linking reaction of resin systems, making it especially suitable for coil systems.














The type and dosage of fillers have a significant effect on the size of wrinkle texture. To make wrinkle texture larger, reduce the volume fraction or mass fraction of pigments and fillers in the formula, and choose fillers with low oil absorption. The molten horizontal fluidity of the powder coating has an effect wax emulsion stability on the size of the wrinkle texture.

Pattern (floating flower) agent
In powder formulations, the function of the pattern (floating) agent is that the pattern (floating) agent is added to the base powder of the special formula of powder coating by dry mixing, so that the coating film can get a (wrinkle-like) pattern. Because this additive is added to the powder coating base powder by dry mixing together with the floating pigment (including metal powder), the coating film forms a colorful pattern, so it is also called a pattern agent or a floating agent.

The pattern (floating) agent itself is a surface active agent, which reduces the surface tension when the coating is formed into a film. In fact, it is a compound similar to a leveling agent. The so-called specially formulated powder coatings are actually powder coatings with no leveling agent added or a small amount of leveling agent added. If this powder coating is applied to electrostatic powder spraying alone, the resulting coating film will be full-plate shrinkage. Evenly distributed appearance. When the powder coating (also called base powder) and the pattern (floating) agent are dry mixed and sprayed evenly, the pattern (floating) agent will be dispersed on the surface of the molten powder coating during the baking and curing process to reduce the surface tension. However, the total amount of pattern (floating) agent is small, and it cannot reduce the surface tension of the entire coating film like a leveling agent, so that the surface tension of the coating film is uniform, and a smooth coating film can be obtained, but it can only reduce the convexity in the uneven coating film.

Partly, the surface tension of the coating film is still uneven, and as described in the wrinkle agent, a wrinkle or orange line coating film is obtained. If the pattern (floating flower) agent is mixed with one or more of the floating pigments, such as carbon black, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, light fast red, light fast red, aluminum powder and copper gold powder, After spraying the special powder coating (base powder), a pattern coating film with the concave part of the base powder coating color and the convex part of the floating pigment color can be obtained. Because the pattern (floating flower) agent itself is a surface active agent similar to a leveling agent, it is dispersed on the surface of the molten powder coating during the film forming process. At this time, the floating pigment added during dry mixing is also the same as the pattern (floating flower) agent. Floating on it together, in fact, the pattern (floating) agent and the floating pigment are dispersed on the convex surface of the uneven coating film, and there is no pattern (floating) agent and floating pigment on the concave part, mainly the paint film color of the primer. Due to the different mixing degree of the materials, the floating pigment will pollute the color of the base powder to a certain degree.


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