Characteristics of adhesion promoter HY-8400

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Adhesion promoter HY-8400
1, HY-8400 can be used to improve the adhesion of paint films to polyolefin substrates.
2, HY-8400 has reactive functional groups, which can greatly enhance the adhesion to the paint film.













AS01 wrinkle agent is a polymer compound surfactant, which can be added together when mixing powder. It can adjust the viscosity and surface tension of the powder coating in the molten state, and make the coating film produce wrinkles (orange lines), hammer lines and other artistic textures. Effect.

This wrinkle agent is suitable for various resin types of powder coatings. wax emulsion uses The amount of addition in the formula is small, and the texture is relatively clear; by adjusting the amount and composition of the formula, the appearance of the film with different wrinkles can be obtained: the production of wrinkle powder The process is relatively simple, and the repeatability of wrinkle texture is relatively good. In the powder coating formulation, the amount of AS01 wrinkle agent is 0.02%~1.0% of the total formulation. When the amount of wrinkle agent is small, the wrinkles (orange lines) are large and fuzzy, and when the amount is large, the wrinkles (orange lines) are small and clear, but when the amount is too large, the wrinkles (orange lines) disappear and become flat. In this coating formulation, there is generally no need to add a leveling agent, if necessary, in order to prevent the shrinkage of the coating film bottom, add a small amount. This wrinkle (orange line) agent is suitable for small wrinkles, and AS01 wrinkle agent can also be used as a pattern agent.

AS10 wrinkle agent is a large wrinkle agent. The dosage in the formula is 0.2%~1.2% of the total formula. It is added by internal addition. The amount of wrinkle agent is more than AS01 wrinkle agent, and the wrinkle texture is larger than AS01 wrinkle agent. The amount of AS10 wrinkle agent has a certain effect on wrinkle texture. With the increase of AS10 wrinkle agent, the wrinkle texture of the coating film becomes larger, and the coating film is not easy to expose and become flat; the type and amount of filler have an impact on the wrinkle texture, barium sulfate, barium sulfate, The appearance of the coating film of light calcium carbonate and kaolin is similar, and the appearance of the coating film of talc is relatively flat, and the texture is not clear; generally, with the increase of the amount of filler, the wrinkle texture becomes smaller, but the three-dimensional feeling is enhanced. In addition, the mixing effect of the extruder also has a certain impact on the wrinkle texture of the coating film. The production equipment and process conditions must be fixed during each production to ensure the repeatability of the wrinkle texture of the coating film.

The dosage of AS330 wrinkle agent in the formula is 0.1%~0.3% of the total formula, and it is generally added by internal addition. The test results show that when AS330 wrinkle agent is used alone, it is easy to show the bottom (shrinkage) phenomenon on the wrinkle film. As the AS330 wrinkle agent increases, the gloss of the film decreases. When a small amount of floating agent is used in combination, it is easy to eliminate the exposed bottom (shrinkage) on the wrinkle film, but the three-dimensional effect of the wrinkle of the film becomes worse when the amount is large.


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