Application of Wax Additive in Personal Care

2021-03-03   Pageview:812

Micronized Polyethylene Wax (PE wax) can be used in scrubbing products for skin cleaning. Usually pumice particles or crushed walnut shells areused asabrasives in these products, however, polyethylene wax powder used as skin abrasive material can providemuch morespecial effects. Spherical wax powder produced by spray method provides mild scrubbing effects with no harm while rolling on skin, it is suitable for sensitive physique. Moreover, wax powder only has a little bit effect on the transparency and does not become the host for parasitic microbes in aqueous systems becauseof its chemical inertness.

Currently, most abrasive wax powder widely used in domestic market are imported polyethylene waxes,since these products are not designed for personal care application, which has no control either on the largest or smallest particles in the processing of production, the larger particles will cause poor hand feel then small ones will affect transparency of the system.

Scrub 11W/12W/13W with uniform granularity design, produced by Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technologies Co.,Ltd are widely applicable for facial cleanser, body soap, sanding paste and other products, one of the most important things is that the pricing is much more competitive than others, that is why it is the primary alternative to imported polyethylene waxes.


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