Application of nano titanium oxide photocatalyst in wastewater treatment

2021-12-03   Pageview:373

Add 0.5% nano titanium oxide photocatalyst, with strong redox ability, can degrade the wastewater, chromium, lead, and oxides into non-toxic substances. Green and environmental protection!












Prevent olC I-100 and Prevent olCI750 of Mo bay Chemical Corp. are both methylbenzotriazole-based products. The former is mainly used in non-aqueous glycol/ethanol coating systems, and the latter is mainly used in water-based coatings. System.

Henkel Corp.’s Alco ph or AC is a tannic acid-based additive that can improve the corrosion resistance of coatings. It is especially recommended as an additive for rusty surface coatings. Rusty iron oxide yellow and tannic acid produce blue-black Insoluble iron salt of tannin. Alco ph orAC is mainly used in oily alkyd/polyester systems.

Benzotriazole series products of Beijing Tuokai Chemical Co., Ltd.
Appearance: white or bluish white needle BTA combined with actinium energizer, organic phosphate, etc.
This product uses 20kg with plastic internal corrosion, which is good for aluminum and casting. BTA is stored in a cool and dry place indoors due to its corrosion resistance, plastic textile bag packaging, iron, steel, nickel, zinc and other gold toxicity, thermal stability and chemical stability. The storage synthetic wax uses materials also have the same qualitative characteristics. National benzotriazole

10~1.20 Grade: TW304
Molecular formula: CyH; N, relative molecular mass: 119.1-like crystal
Solubility in alcohol: qualified Moisture content: 0.01% Ash content: ≤0.03% Density (20℃, R/cm): Content: ≥99.0%
Deposit term is one year
This product is white or blue-white needle-like crystals. Alternately form bond surfaces to form a multi-layer protection and anti-corrosion effect

In circulating cooling water, such as covalent bond and coordination with polyphosphate, molybdate, and sub-formation, it can improve the corrosion inhibition effect of the water stabilizer. BTA can also be a polymer. Scale dispersants, such as polyacrylic acid, male-acrylic copolymer, and polymembrane, make the surface of the system not maleic acid, acrylic acid copolymer, etc. to produce electrochemical reaction, compounding, especially in the closed cycle cooling, so that it has an excellent cooling water In the system, the most commonly used benzothiazole (MBT) for corrosion inhibition is good, so a month ago, most foreign users used Sichuan BTA instead of MBT, and this trend is also happening in the country.


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