Application of nano titanium oxide photocatalyst in coating

2021-12-03   Pageview:557

Preparation of photocatalytic coatings, high catalytic properties, sterilization, decomposition of harmful substances and oil pollution. Can be used in home decoration, automotive high-end coatings.














Union Carbide Corp.’s PAC 40 is a solid resin-like metal coordination compound, which is soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and ketone solvents. It can significantly improve the coating’s resistance to cold blended tung oil varnish or high-solid alkyd resin Foaming and corrosion resistance. When PAC 40 is used to replace 20% alkyd resin solids, it can also improve the self-hardness of the alkyd paint.

The J TY antirust agent produced by Jiangsu Taixing Paint Auxiliary Chemical Plant is a coordination compound of organic nitrogen base and acid phosphoric acid. It is suitable for all kinds of antirust paints and rusty primers. 0.2%~0.8% of paint amount. It should be added during the stirring stage shield wax with ptfe and grind and disperse together with other pigments.

Chelate additives
It is known that benzotriazole is a corrosion inhibitor for copper. Benzotriazole forms a film on the surface due to polymerization and/or copper/pyrrole coordination compound insolubility. The polymer chain or monomolecular flaky coordination compound completely covers the clean metal surface and provides excellent protection.

Benzotriazole may be able to fill the holes and defects of the copper oxide surface film. Benzotriazole developed by Sher-win Williams Chemicals, its trade name is Cobra tec99. It is very effective as a corrosion inhibitor for copper and its alloy coatings, and is mainly used to protect copper and its alloys, acrylic and polyurethane. coating. Xuanwei Company compared the corrosion inhibition effects of acrylic varnish with and without benzotriazole. The copper test board was coated with 1.5% benzotriazole and without benzotriazole. Acrylic varnish, test in a salt spray cabinet after it is completely dry. The test panel without benzotriazole showed quite serious corrosion after 300h of salt spray test, while the test panel with Cobra tec 99 did not observe corrosion after 1000h.


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