Why do white road marking paint lines turn yellow?

2022-03-24   Pageview:341

The main reasons for the yellowing of white road marking paint lines are as follows:

1. The resin used in the road marking paint is unqualified. For example, the hot melt road marking paint uses petroleum resin, and there are certain requirements for the purity of the petroleum resin. The inclusion of other impurities in it cannot guarantee its use effect, and it is not surprising that the white line of the later construction line turns into a yellow line.

2. The titanium dioxide in the road marking paint is relatively small, and the whiteness of the paint cannot be effectively guaranteed. Therefore, Tianshi wax powder recommends that you choose high-quality road marking paint for construction and marking, so as to avoid various unnecessary occurrences. trouble.

3. If the road marking paint is heated too high or too long, it will also change color. Because when the resin is heated to about 200°, the material of the road marking paint will tend to deteriorate, and overheating or too long may reduce the performance of the paint, resulting in discoloration of the marking.

There are the following requirements for wax in hot melt road marking paint:

1. The viscosity is low, which can reduce the viscosity of the coating system and improve the fluidity and leveling of the coating.

2. It has a high softening point, which can make the coating maintain good summer high temperature compression resistance and anti-sticking and anti-fouling properties.

3. The wax is required to have a faster solidification speed to avoid delamination of the filler in the coating during the construction process.

4. Wax has low volatility, which keeps the construction environment in a better condition.

Features of Polyethylene Wax for Hot Melt Marking Coatings:

1. High melting point: high softening point, which can improve the heat resistance of the coating.

2. Fast drying: The coating construction is cooled quickly, and the construction road surface can be opened 30% earlier.

3. High hardness: in the coating film, it protects the coating film, prevents scratches, abrasions and improves wear resistance.

4. Medium viscosity: Prevent glass beads and other auxiliary materials from hardening and depositing, and increase the qualified service life of the coating.

5. High strength: It has toughness and can effectively improve the strength of road markings.

6. Good wettability: It can wet titanium dioxide well, give full play to the covering ability of titanium dioxide, and increase the whiteness of marking paint.


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