Binder agent for powder metallurgy

2022-02-03   Pageview:373

Powder metallurgy process mainly includes: powder preparation, mixing powder, pressing and forming, press billet sintering, post-sintering treatment, and finally made into powder metallurgy parts. In the process of powder compaction, friction is inevitable, mainly internal friction between powder particles and powder particles, and external friction between powder particles and the inner wall of the mold.

The existence of internal friction and external friction will lead to the loss of compaction pressure and hinder to improve the density of the pressed billet, and the demoulding process will lead to internal cracks and uneven surface of the pressed billet.

Lubricant can effectively solve the above problems. Lubricant can effectively reduce the internal and external friction, reduce the loss of pressing pressure, improve the density of the billet, reduce the release force during the demoulding process, prolong the service life of the mould, and provide a better surface finish of the parts.

Powder pre-mixing process, due to the different specific gravity of different components of the particles, will lead to the mixing process of powder segregation phenomenon, the binder effectively improve the segregation, the powder due to different particle size, uneven distribution of easy to cause the porosity of the rise, the binder can make a reasonable distribution of particles, fill the pores, improve the strength of the press billet.

NEW-0401 is a typical powder metallurgy warm pressing lubricant, which has the following advantages.
1. Effectively reduce the friction during powder compaction without affecting the strength of raw billets.
2. Flat and bright surface of workpiece after demoulding, and no black spot.
3. Complete decomposition in the sintering process, no residue, no pollution of the sintering furnace.
4. Reasonable and stable particle size distribution.
5. Small impact on powder fluidity, with certain anti-caking ability.
The recommended addition amount is 0.5%-1%.

PEW-0301 is a powder metallurgy premixed binder with the following characteristics.
1. Effective prevention of composition segregation caused by the difference in specific gravity of particles.
2. Reasonable distribution of large and small particles to improve the density of the pressed billet.
3. Improve the strength of the billet.
4. Less dust pollution in the feeding process.
Recommended addition amount 0.2%-0.4%.


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