Application of polyethylene wax emulsion in plastic

2021-03-31   Pageview:380

During the process of plastic preparation, there will be many different types of additives and fillers. While the filler is ultra-fine powder, which is easy to agglomerate in the plastic preparation system, resulting in the quality of the plastic production is very poor. So, the additives are very important.

The lubricant used in plastic processing is to improve the lubrication between the particles and the particles in the plastic filler, and to increase the fluidity and release properties of the plastic molding, especially thermoplastics.

The main role of polyethylene wax emulsion as a lubricant in plastic processing is to reduce the friction between the plastic material and the processing machine and between the molecules inside the plastic material during the processing, thereby improving the processing properties of the plastic and improving the product performance.

The lubricant in the plastic has a certain affinity with the polymer, and the lubricating effect is mainly to reduce the mutual friction between the polymer molecules or to reduce the force between the polar polymer molecules. The plastic external lubricant mainly reduces the friction between the polymer and the processing machine, and can improve long-term operation, dimensional stability, prevention of scaling, and increase production capacity. There are many types of lubricants, most of which have both internal and external lubrication effects, external lubricants with strong lubrication, and internal lubricants with strong internal lubrication.

The viscosity of the polyethylene wax emulsion is much lower than that of the plastic melt. It can be used as a plastic melt index modifier. Because of its good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature and good dispersibility, it can improve the fluidity of plastic processing. Thereby improving the processing properties of the plastic.


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