How wax emulsions work as concrete release mould ?

2021-04-01   Pageview:661

Wax emulsion is an important additive for coatings. It can significantly improve the softness, plasticity and feel of leather coatings. It is also often used in the release mould industry, such as concrete demoulding, metal, Die casting demoulding and so on.

The advantages of using aqueous wax emulsions in release agents are as follows:
* Provides excellent corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, shine, softness and smooth feel to the final product.
* The emulsion has a fine particle size and the coating is transparent.
* Easy to use, compatible with aqueous system, easy to join the system.
* The emulsion has good storage stability.

Used as concrete curing agent:
During the curing process, if the surface moisture evaporates too quickly, a series of chemical reactions during the solidification process will not be completed, and the maximum compressive strength of the surface cannot be achieved. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the water from evaporating too quickly during the curing of the concrete. To this end, the industry has developed a film curing agent based on emulsifying wax as a basic raw material, which avoids unnecessary evaporation of surface moisture and promotes hydration of cement.

As release agents, wax based emulsions are widely used in various fields such as demoulding of rubber or plastic products, PU demoulding, and metal demoulding.


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