What is the role of pe wax dispersion?

2021-07-02   Pageview:950

PE wax dispersion, is a dispersion made of polyethylene as the main component. It has good anti-sink performance without obvious thickening, improves the rheological control of coating construction, and has good leveling and anti-sagging effect. It is especially suitable for matte paint, pearlescent paint, aluminum powder paint and other automotive coatings, industrial coatings and wood coatings.

Application: various solvent-based air-dry and baking paint systems.

1, Improve plastic fluidity and mold release: PE wax dispersion improves plastic fluidity in extruder and mold release of finished products, while finished products show better surface properties, longer-term stability and more attractive colors. PE wax in PVC film, profiles, pipes, plastic processing industry as a lubricant, can improve the toughness of plastic products to make the surface smooth, flat, improve the yield.

2, PVC plastic lubricant: compatible with a variety of resins is the premise of PVC lubricant to play a role, esterified polyethylene wax pulp, better performance in compatibility, compatible with polyamide, ABS resin, polyformaldehyde (POM) resin, etc., esterified polyethylene wax is compatible with PVC, both internal and external lubrication and bright role.

3, Anti-adhesive effect: in calendering or molding, to prevent adhesion to the rollers; in extrusion molding or injection molding, effectively prevent adhesion to the screw, improve the release effect, and make PVC products bright, beautiful, soft feel, bright appearance, at the same time, its molecular carboxyl and ester groups and fillers and pigments to form a complex or ionic chain chemical interaction, improve the combination between fillers and the matrix resin, to obtain high physical and mechanical properties. It can obtain high physical and mechanical properties.

4, Used as dispersant: In polyamide processing, polyethylene wax is used as dispersant to make reinforcing material and pigment evenly distributed in polyamide, while in polyamide injection processing, the ease of release depends on the crystallinity and the effect of lubricant. Generally, modified polyethylene wax is used as lubricant. In the injection molding process of linear polyester (PET), polyethylene wax plays an important role in improving the mold release and fluidity of filled PET, and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is very viscous just after processing, and the use of polyethylene wax can give it a very good mold release effect.


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