General purpose of wax – Polishing agent

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Polishing agent
Since waxes are defined as polishable under slight pressure, theoretically all waxes can be prepared as polishing agents. Natural waxes commonly used as polishing agents are: beeswax, ground wax, carnauba wax, montan wax, paraffin wax and (semi-)microcrystalline wax; synthetic waxes are PE wax, Fischer-Tropsch wax and PTFE, etc. Usually, according to the different substrates for polishing, different waxes are used, and the corresponding emulsions and soaps are prepared by using emulsifiers and saponifiers to prepare polishing agents.














Composition and requirements of powder coatings
Powder coatings are generally composed of resins, curing agents (not needed in thermoplastic powder coatings), pigments, fillers and additives, which are similar to the main components of solvent-based and water-based coatings additive . There are two major types of resins: thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin. The powder coating composed of thermoplastic resin does not require curing agent, and the thermosetting powder coating must have an assimilation agent. In thermal powder coating, the thermoplastic resin is the film-forming agent. Substances can form a film alone: ​​In thermosetting powder coatings, thermosetting resin alone cannot form a film. It must be chemically reacted with the curing agent to form a film. The curing agent is an indispensable ingredient in thermally trapped powder coatings.

In powder coatings, pigments are also an important component. General powder coatings contain pigments, and only transparent powder coatings do not require pigments. The function of pigments in powder wood coatings is the same as that of traditional coatings, mainly for decoration and rust prevention after coloring. The role of fillers in powder coatings is basically the same as that of traditional coatings. It can increase the hardness and rigidity of the coating film, and can also reduce the coating’s wood formation.

Additives are also an indispensable part of powder coatings. Although the proportion of additives in powder coatings is very small, its role cannot be ignored, and sometimes it determines the appearance or performance of the coating film. The role of pieces. Commonly used additives in powder coatings include leveling agents, deaerators (deaerators), dispersants, accelerators, brighteners, matting agents, matting curing agents, defoamers, anti-caking agents, plasticizers, Anti-scratch agent, anti-draining agent, powder loading rate modifier, hardness modifier, texturing agent, antioxidant, ultraviolet light absorber, antibacterial agent, etc. The most commonly used additives are leveling agent, Gas agent (deaerator), dispersant, defoamer, matting agent and anti-caking agent, etc.


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