Application of PTFE wax on plastic

2021-05-14   Pageview:877

PTFE wax is white superfine powder, which is specially modified by other materials, and is especially suitable for products such as plastics and rubber. In plastics and elastomers, it provides improved lubricity and wear resistance. The addition of lubricants and coatings can improve the performance under severe conditions.

PTFE wax application:
For inks:
Adding 1-3% PTFE wax to improve certain properties, such as scratch resistance, non-slip, surface smoothness and gloss, etc.

For coatings:
improve non-stick and wear resistance, reduce friction coefficient and increase rub resistance, improve corrosion inhibition, and reduce wetting.

For plastic and rubber:
Adding 5-20% PTFE wax to improve lubricity and reduce friction and wear performance.

Tianshiwax – PTFE powders manufacturer offers not only basically maintains the excellent characteristics of PTFE, but also has many unique properties, such as high crystallinity, good dispersibility, and easy to uniformly mix with other materials, so it is widely used in the blending and modification of polymer materials. In order to improve the lubricity, wear resistance, non-stickiness and flame retardancy of the substrate, the performance of the substrate is significantly improved. In addition, it can also be used as an additive with excellent performance, used as a modifier for lubricating grease, ink, coating, and plastic, and directly used as an oil-free lubricant.


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