Application of water-based wax in fluorocarbon metallic paint

2022-06-08   Pageview:290

In the application of metallic glitter paint, solvent-based products occupy the vast majority of the market due to their early development and wide application area. However, solvent-based products emit a large amount of solvent during use, especially in summer, the dilution amount is as high as 50%~70%, and the emission of VOC is quite high, which has a great impact on environmental protection, while water-based metal flash paint can effectively avoid such issues.

The aluminum powder selected for the water-based metallic glitter paint is also a non-floating aluminum powder. They can be well dispersed in the water-based coating and are aligned parallel to the surface of the coating film, making the coating film have metallic luster and reflectivity. Pigments can also be mixed to obtain a non-ferrous metal appearance.

The quality of the aluminum powder orientation in the water-based metallic flash paint directly determines the construction quality of the metallic flash paint. There are several ways to improve the orientation of aluminum powder:

1. Use water-based wax additives to orient the aluminum powder. The main types of water-based wax are amide wax, vinyl wax, palm wax and so on. The advantages of using this orientation aid are mainly reflected in the fact that no additional VOC is added, and the orientation of metal pigments is better; the rational use of water-based wax can also reduce the amount of thickener in water-based coatings, and its special three-dimensional network thixotropic The structure can also prevent the precipitation and agglomeration of aluminum powder and improve the gloss of the paint film.

2. Use some specially modified silicone leveling agents to orient the aluminum powder. These additives can improve the flatness of the coating film and reduce the fogging of the coating film caused by the formation of Bernard vortex on the surface of the coating film. However, such additives only work on the surface of the coating film, and have little effect on the aluminum powder inside the coating film.

3. Use water-based acetic acid-butyryl cellulose (CMCAB) to orient the aluminum powder. Before use, it is necessary to dissolve CMCAB by a cellosolve that is co-soluble with water. After it is completely dissolved, it is diluted and dissolved with water, which will increase the content of VOC in the coating, which is not conducive to environmental protection, and the solid content of CMCAB solution is low. , when the dosage is too high, the gloss of the coating film will be affected, and the hiding power and adhesion will be deteriorated.

Compared with solvent-based products, water-based exterior metal flash paint has the same appearance and effect. At the same time, the construction is simple, safe, low VOC content, environmentally friendly and healthy, which is in line with the development and application trend of coatings. The reasonable selection and good orientation of aluminum powder directly determine the quality of water-based metal flash paint. With the continuous improvement of production and application technology, water-based metal flash paint based on water-based aluminum powder paint will definitely become the mainstream of the construction market.


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