The Role Of Wax Powder In Powder Coatings

2022-10-17   Pageview:300

The role of wax powder in powder coatings, Tianshi wax powder is used in powder coatings to improve wear resistance, smoothness, anti-caking, matting, improve fluidity and extrusion efficiency. The coarser wax powder is mixed with other raw materials and extruded by an extruder, and the processed powder of the finer wax powder is directly mixed.

wax additive

Wax additives mainly increase the hardness of the coating and improve the wear resistance, or prevent the surface from mechanical scratches. The wax powder generally used for powder coating can be divided into polyene wax, polypropylene wax, polytetrafluoroene wax, polyacyl wax, etc. according to the chemical composition. In terms of compatibility and cost-effectiveness, polyene wax is better, and can meet the general requirements for hardening and scratch resistance, so it has a wide range of applications. In terms of hardening and scratch resistance, PTFE waxes are the best and the most expensive.
In addition to being used for coating hardening and scratch resistance, some wax powders also have a certain degree of matting, which can be used as a substitute for matting agents in powder coatings that do not require high matting effects. But at this time, the added amount is generally more than 2%, and sometimes the coating film has obvious wax particles precipitation.
In application, wax powder is divided into two ways of use: pre-adding and post-mixing. The post-mixed wax is micro-powdered wax with very small particle size, and the large-particle wax powder must be mixed and extruded with the raw materials.
The wax powder produced by Nanjing Tianshi New Materials has many varieties, stable quality and complete system. Customers can find a suitable model according to their needs.


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