Recommended waxes for coil steel coatings and differences

2021-06-24   Pageview:959

Micronized wax for coil steel coatings, PE/PTFE composite wax, gives excellent slip and scratch resistance, small particle size and good light retention.

Micronized waxes for coil steel coatings give excellent slip and abrasion resistance to waterborne/solvent-based coatings and powder coatings. It maintains excellent miscibility and dispersibility, while imparting very low coefficient of friction and good wear resistance.

Performance of micronized wax for coil steel coating

1, Excellent slip properties.
2, good scratch resistance and abrasion resistance due to high hardness of wax components.
3, good resistance to metal scratches.
4, anti-adhesion, suitable for water-based and solvent-based systems.

Wax for coil steel coating is widely used in the following fields.

1, Printed iron coatings.
2, Can coating and coil coating.
3, Water-based and oil-based powder coatings and industrial coatings.
4, Water-based and solvent-based wood coatings.
5, Varnishes, letterpress and gravure inks.

How to use micronized wax for coil coating? Micronized wax manufacturer tell you:

Easy to disperse, can be mixed by conventional mixer. The addition of a very small amount of micronized wax for coil steel coatings is outstanding for improving surface properties, such as slip and scratch resistance.


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