Product parameters of Clariant Ceridust 3910 wax powder

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Wax powder Clariant Ceridust 3910 is a micronized amide wax with an average particle size of about 6.5 μm and is widely used as a crosslinker in powder coatings based on polyester/triglycidyl isocyanurate/Primid/powder, polyester/epoxy, polyurethane, acrylate and epoxy to act as a degassing agent on porous surfaces and also to increase hardness. Clariant 3910 can also be used as a substitute for metal-containing sanding agents such as zinc stearate.

Wax Powder 3910 Product Parameters
Brand: Clariant
Model: Ceridust 3910
Chemical properties: Amide wax
Dropping point: 140 degrees C
Acid value(mgKOH/g): 6
Saponification value(mgKOH/g): 0
Density(20 degree Celsius): 1g/cm3
Viscosity(100 degree Celsius): 300(140 degree Celsius)
Color: white
Shape: Micro powder

Applications: water-based coatings, solvent-based coatings, powder coatings, can coatings, wood coatings












XG603-1AXG603-1A is the most commonly used matting curing agent in epoxy and bad oxygen-polyester powder coatings, with a melting point of 222~227°C, a solid content of 98.5%, white powder, and the amount used in epoxy powder coatings is epoxy 9.5%~10.5% of resin mass, curing conditions are 180℃×(20~25) min, 190℃×(10~15) min, 200℃×(10–12) min. This type of matting agent is an adduct of cyclic amidines (such as 2-phenylimidine) and polycarboxylic anhydrides or polyacids, and its chemical structure is like F: F9H-961NH H-CH7 NH OH with polybasic acid and polycarboxylic acid anhydride There are differences in the matting effect between the made matting agents.

The available polybasic acids and anhydrides are: pyromellitic acid or anhydride, trimellitic acid or anhydride, succinic acid, EDTA, hydrogen triacetic acid, The quality of raw materials, such as fats and polybasic acids, also has a significant impact on the matting effect. The epoxy powder coating prepared with this matting curing agent has good film flatness and good physical and mechanical properties such as impact strength of the paint film. This curing agent is similar to the B68 matting curing agent produced by the German Huls company and many domestic companies. A68, H68, M68, N68, W68 and other matting curing agents produced. This kind of delustering agent can only obtain a matte film in (pure) epoxy powder coatings, but when matched with polyester resins of different acid values, the gloss of the film can be obtained at (60″) 10%~70 % Epoxy·polyester powder coating, this kind of powder coating has good film leveling, impact resistance and other physical and mechanical properties. By adjusting the ratio between polyester resin and epoxy resin, it is easy to control the coating film Gloss, the disadvantage is that the yellowing resistance of the coating film during baking is poor, and it is not suitable for the preparation of light-colored powder coatings.

Q XG 603-2A matting curing agent XG603-2A matting curing agent belongs to the same product category as XG603-1A, melting point 240~250℃, solid content above 98.5%, dosage is 6.0%~7.0% of epoxy resin quality, The curing condition is 180℃×(20-25) min to 190℃X(10~15) min, to 200℃X(16~12) min, and the extinction range is (60)20%~25%: Ester resin matching can also obtain 25%~80% of the film gloss. The matting powder coating of this system has good film leveling properties and good physical and mechanical properties such as impact resistance. By adjusting the difference between polyester resin and epoxy resin bleached montan wax The quality ratio between the two, the gloss of the coating film is easy to control.


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