Uses of Brazilian carnauba wax emulsion

2021-12-15   Pageview:304

1, Ideal surface protector for water-based paint (metal paint, wood paint, plastic paint, etc.), anti-friction, anti-scratch, increase smoothness and gloss.

2, Provide anti-friction and anti-scratch, increase smoothness and gloss, improve handfeel and polish in leather finishing agent, wax water for shoe chemistry, shoe milk, etc.

3, It is used in polishing agents for automobiles and other fields, and also used in cosmetics and other daily chemical fields. Carnauba wax emulsion is also used as lubricant and stripper for paper products.

4, Water-based polishing agent anti-abrasive; water-based release agent, etc. It can also be used in agricultural fields such as fruit coating.














In addition, DT125-2, DT3330 and DT3360 of Sijin Advanced Chemical Materials (East) Co., Ltd. are used as matting agents in solvent-based coatings. More, but in powder coatings, these effects are not ideal, the effect is not obvious when adding less, and the flatness of the coating film is not good when adding more. Therefore, their application cannot achieve satisfactory results, and they are rarely used as matting agents.

Filling agent matting curing agent is a special kind of matting agent. In the film forming process of powder coatings, as part of the curing agent, it mostly reacts with chemical literature, through the adjustment of the amount of resin, curing agent (or curing resin) and matting curing agent , Xu membrane gloss is easy to control, the gloss stability of the coated waist is good, and the gloss control range is wider. Compared with the non-reactive matting agent, the application range is wider. Recently, there are many varieties of matting curing agents, including those produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. XG603-1A, XG603-2A, XG603-6A, XG633, XG628, XG655: SA186, SA 187.Super malt 88.SA 2068.SA 2069 of Lu’an Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Suoshi Chemical Co., Ltd. T-68, T-308, T 550: MCA, YH-201, YH-208, YH-218 of Wuhan Huang Chemical Co., Ltd., YH-208, YH-218, AG500 of Guangzhou Industrial Association Polymer Co., Ltd., and models produced by many manufacturers are A68 , H68, M68, N68, W68 and other matting agents. Among these floating agents, XG628, XG655, SA2068, SA2069, YH-201, YH-208, YH-218. AG500 are matting curing agents suitable for weather-resistant poly powder coatings. The characteristics of the main varieties are described below.


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