Application of water-based coating thickener

2021-08-22   Pageview:802

Water-based coating thickener is widely used in the coating industry, such as water-based coatings, printing coatings, architectural coatings, interior and exterior wall coatings, emulsion paints, leather edge oil, ink, etc. It is especially suitable for use as a synergistic thickener in coating formulations from matte to glossy, used in conjunction with the provision of high shear viscosity to achieve the ideal balance of high and low shear viscosity. Water-based coating thickeners are low-viscosity liquids, so they are easy to match and can help improve the production process of coatings, play a role in anti-sink, thickening and anti-sagging.











It is compatible with the base materials commonly used in emulsion paints. Compared with cellulose thickeners, coatings prepared with it have better water resistance and scrub resistance, and in high-gloss emulsion paint systems, higher gloss can be obtained with C-5 than with polyacrylate or cellulose thickeners.

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