Clariant-Licowax PE 520 polyethylene wax

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Licowax PE 520 is a low-density polyethylene wax with branched chains synthesized at low pressure from Ziegler catalysts, with good oxidation resistance and a clean white appearance. For polyolefins, it is an ideal carrier for masterbatches and functional masterbatches and is also used as an efficient external lubricant.

For color masterbatches and functional masterbatches
This is the most important application in the plastics industry.















The curing condition of this kind of matting curing agent curing powder coating is 190℃×(15-20) min or 200℃X(12~15) min. XG663 matting curing agent has a solid content of 98.5% and a glass transition temperature of 60~@ XG665 matting curing agent 62℃, white powder with epoxy value of about .2cq/100g. This matting curing agent is a propylene resin containing glycidyl groups, which can be matched with TGI C or HAA (hydroxyalkyl amide) to obtain matting polyester powder coatings. montan ester wax instructions This powder coating has good film and physical and mechanical properties and good weatherability.

The gloss of the coating film can be adjusted by changing the dosage of XG665 or the dosage of TGI C or HAA. The gloss will decrease with the increase of the dosage of XG665. In the HAA system, the luster of the coated waist can be reduced to (60*) 20%: in the TGI C system, the luster of the coating film can be reduced to (60°) below 10%, and the lower the gloss of the daily coating film, the better the leveling. good. The curing condition of powder coating is 180℃×30min or 200℃×15min in HAA system, and 200℃×20min in TGI C system.

Super mattM 88 matting netting agent Super mnt tM 88 matting curing agent has a melting point of 190~200℃, an acid value of 410~440mgKOH/g: white powder, the amount used in epoxy powder coatings is 10%~11%, and the curing conditions are 190℃X15min or 180℃×20min, suitable for epoxy and epoxy-polyester powder wood coatings. The gloss range of the coating film is (60)5%~70%. This matting curing agent does not contain pyromellitic drum. The coating film has good yellowing resistance and is also suitable for the preparation of white or light-colored powder coatings.

M98 matting curing agent M98 matting curing agent does not contain pyromellitic acid, melting point 164~210℃, glue value 510-540mgKOH/g, nitrogen content 3.8%~4.3%, volatile content less than 0.5%, in epoxy powder coatings The amount used is 9% of the amount of epoxy resin, and the curing condition is 200℃:/10min or 180℃×15min. It is suitable for epoxy and epoxy-soft ester powder coatings. It can also be used in TGI C, HAA curing poly Used as a matting texture agent in ester powder coating systems.

9SA186 extinction curing agent SA185 extinction gardening agent is a derivative of doyolanic acid and organic amine, melting point is 192~205℃, limit is 500~540igKOII/g. content is 10.0%~11.5%, and the dosage is 8 of the quality of epoxy resin. %~10%, the chemical condition is 200℃x10min or 180℃×15min, used for matt epoxy powder wood coatings with a gloss of (60″) 10%~25%. This matting curing agent does not contain benzene Tetraacid surface and trimellitic anhydride, the powder coating prepared by the preparation has good maturity stability and is not easy to yellow. It can be used to prepare white to light-colored powder coatings. When adjusting the gloss of the coating film, it can be cured with substituted dicyandiamide, etc. It is not suitable to use polyester resin when used in conjunction with the agent.


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