Benefits of Honeywell ACumist D-9

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Honeywell ACumist D-9 micronized polyethylene homopolymer, a micronized polyethylene homopolymer for general purpose and high gloss solvent based coatings, stains, varnishes and lithographic inks, a more economical homopolymer.

1, Small gloss reduction
2, Good smoothness
3, Excellent abrasion resistance
4, Anti-adhesive properties













When formulating the powder coating formula, in order to make the hammer texture clear, it is best not to add some poorly transparent fillers and pigments in the formula, even if it is to increase the hardness of the coating film or reduce the wood and add some fillers and fillers. Do not add more than 15% of the formula, otherwise the texture effect such as the sharpness of the hammer pattern will not be good, and it is best not to add fillers.

In addition, when adjusting the size of the hammer texture, in addition to adjusting the amount of the hammer texture agent, you can also add a small amount of leveling agent to adjust. Generally, anti-scratch agent guide as the dosage of dripping increases, the hammer texture of the coating film becomes smaller; when the amount of leveling agent is too much , The hammer pattern will disappear, and even the coating film will become a small pattern

Commonly used texturing agents include the aforementioned cellulose butyrate (CAB) CAB-5510.01, CAB, 551-0.2. CAB 531-1, etc. The dosage in the formula is 0.1% to 0.3% of the total. The technical indicators are shown in Table 221. The NC856 hammer texture agent of Hubei Misi New Material Co., Ltd. and the ZS705 texture agent of Hangzhou Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. are white crystalline powders, relative density 1.8, fineness 25ym, melting range 150~160℃, the dosage is 0.1%-0.2 catties of the total formula.

There is also AS303 hammer pattern agent of Guangzhou Tianlong Trading Co., Ltd. In addition to the method of adding hammer pattern powder to the surface of the above-mentioned internal addition method, you can also use the external method to add flower mosquito “floating” thorns to make bell pattern powder Wood coating. By this manufacturing method, the aluminum powder and a small amount of leveling are added together when making the foundation powder, and the foundation powder is made by melt extrusion and mixing. The formula of the foundation powder is designed according to the requirements, and the foundation powder is manufactured first. In the future, dry mix the base powder and the pattern (floating flower) agent in a certain proportion to obtain the hammer grain powder coating. For dry mixing, you can use a three-dimensional biconical, V-shaped or barrel-shaped mixer. If you don’t have conditions, you can also use curved speed mixing.

Machine, but the mixing time should be short. The root color needs to be changed. Generally, the pigment can be added together when it is made. For floating pigments, it can also be added together with the base powder and the pattern (floating flower) agent when mixing. The advantage of this method is that it is possible to adjust the hammer texture size of the book powder coating by using a small amount of pattern (appraisal) agent, and it is more convenient to adjust the texture of the pattern: the disadvantage is that the pattern (floating) agent is added by dry mixing. , When the net powder is used in the middle, due to the difference of the electrostatic effect, the content of the pattern (floating) agent in the recovered powder is 4%.


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