Applications of Honeywell ACmuist D9

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Brand: Honeywell
Model: ACmuist D9
Effective substance content: 99.99 (%)
Density: (kg/m3) g/cm3
Particle size MSPI: 8.0-10.0μm
Particle size MSPI : 99.90% μm

ACumist D-9 is used as a processing aid and matting agent in powder coatings with an average particle size of 8.0 to 10.0 microns, with a particle size of 31 microns.

Like all ACumist products, ACumist D-9 is insoluble at room temperature in solvents as well as UV-based monomers and oligomers.














When the mixing ratio between the net powder coating and the original powder coating is out of balance, the size of the film-removing beach texture is likely to be seated, which will have a certain impact on the stability of the sleep texture. Therefore, when the powder is collected for reuse, the old and new The mixing ratio of the powder paint should be appropriate to prevent the hammer texture from causing major changes.

The amount of pattern (floating flower) agent in the formula is .1% to 0.8% of the total formula. When a small amount of leveling agent is added to the base powder formula, polyamide wax liquid the amount of pattern (floating flower) agent can be reduced, and the film will be more effective. The grain texture becomes smaller with the increase of the amount of pattern (floating) agent. If the amount is too much, the hammer pattern will disappear, become a small pattern, or even become a smooth coating. In addition, when the powder coating is baked and cured, the heating method of the coated object also has a certain effect on the texture of the coating film. Generally, the sprayed workpiece is directly placed in a constant temperature baking oven and the sprayed workpiece is placed in an unpreheated oven for baking. There is a clear difference between the two coating mosquitoes.

The dot flower (pattern diffusion) agent is a special additive for powder coatings. When the dot powders of different particle sizes are obtained by melting and extruding with this additive and pigments, when they are mixed with various powder coatings, due to the phase between phase 4 Capacitive and maintain their own flow and diffusion between each other, thus forming patterns of birds, leaves, multi-color, granite and gemstones on the coating film,
The manufacturing process of this kind of fine art powder coating is firstly mixed with dot flower (pattern spreading) agent and pigment, after cooling, pulverizing, sieving through different screens in 80~150 days to form dot powder (pattern). Diffusion powder), powder coatings of different meshes produce patterns of different sizes. If the dot powder (the spreading powder) is added to the base powder in an amount of 0.1% to 6% of the amount of the base powder, the effect of spreading dot patterns will appear. In the base powder formula, no leveling agent and benzoin are added. Additives: If the coating film is required to have good leveling properties: add some wax powder or a small amount of leveling agent to the base powder: If a small amount of hammering agent or patterning agent is added to the base powder, the pattern effect of the coating film can be regular , Strong three-dimensional effect.


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