What are the ways to increase the hardness of the paint?

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Waxes are classified by form as emulsions, granules, flakes, micronized powders, etc. By type, there are pure natural waxes, modified natural waxes, semi-synthetic waxes, synthetic waxes, etc. According to chemical composition, there are polyethylene, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyamide wax, etc.

1, In the choice of resin, you can choose the resin with high hardness, the type and performance of resin basically determines the hardness of the coating, the resin can be modified to enhance its own hardness.

2, The hardness of one-component and two-component coatings are not the same. Two-component coatings are generally significantly better than one-component because they enhance the cross-linkage of the coating.

3, The addition of some fillers can enhance the hardness of the coating to a certain extent, such as nano-silica.

4, The role of wax additives in paint

(1) Wear resistance, anti-scratch, anti-scuff: wax distribution in the coating film to take this to protect the film, prevent scratches, scuffs and provide wear resistance; such as container coatings, wood coatings, decorative coatings, etc. are required for this function.

(2) Control the coefficient of friction: usually use its low coefficient of friction to provide excellent slipperiness of the coating film, while having a special silk soft touch due to different kinds of waxes.

(3) Chemical resistance: Due to the stability of the wax and can give the coating film better resistance to water, salt water spray and other properties.

(4) Prevent lamination: Avoid back-sticking and lamination of the painted or printed material.

(5) Control gloss: choose the appropriate wax, depending on the amount added and have different matting effect.

Tianshi water-based paint special wax, not only can improve the performance of the film scratch and wear resistance, while increasing the compatibility of wax powder or emulsion with water-based paint does not affect the gloss of the original film, is an important auxiliary products of water-based paint, the scratch resistance of the film to improve the performance of the paint helps a lot, a good coating of good plastic, rubber products.


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