What wax is used for water-based paint hardening

2021-07-20   Pageview:1278

Wax additives in water-based coatings has the function of degassing and defoaming, bonding, hardening and sanding, which is a big auxiliary in water-based coating industry.

Tianshi wax powder can be used in powder coatings, mainly to play a role in improving the product surface hardness, increasing scratch resistance and improving the smoothness of the coating surface.

Polyethylene wax has stable chemical properties, smooth feel, high hardness, good wear resistance, different ways of addition can give the system different gloss, can be used as dispersant, brightener, anti-wear agent, matting agent, slip agent, etc., used in the coating industry

The application function of polyethylene wax emulsion in water-based coatings:

1, High slip, high wear resistance, anti-scratch polyethylene wax emulsion into water-based coatings, in the process of film formation, the wax drift to the surface of the coating film, and disperse evenly, the coating film will form a layer of wax protective film, thus reducing the coefficient of friction; this can improve the anti-friction coating, improve the slip and anti-scratch properties.

2, Coating gloss is mainly affected by the particle size of the emulsion. Generally speaking, the better the gloss effect, the greater the variation of the particle size of the wax emulsion, which is related to the gloss of the coating and the crystallinity of the wax.


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