Application of A-C316A high density oxidized polyethylene wax

2021-12-17   Pageview:288

Honeywell A-C316A wax is used in PVC extrusion, injection molding, extended compression and processing industries such as blister molding and blow molding. Honeywell A-C316A wax has a balanced effect on the internal and external lubrication of PVC. The lubricity of adding oxidized polyethylene wax to transparent and opaque PVC formulations is better than other lubricants.

As a new plastic processing lubricant with excellent performance, it is widely used in PE and PVC cable making, PVC profile and pipe making. It can also be used in the production of textile softener, car wax, leather softener.














Eleven kinds of sand texture agents: The appearance of the coating film in different resin and chemical agent systems is also very different.

The XG505-1A matting sand texture agent produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. or the SA208 texture agent produced by Lu’an Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. forms a smooth sand texture in the epoxy powder coating. This kind of texture is commonly known as Cotton braided pattern or lock leather pattern; while in epoxy polyester and polyester powder coatings, the paper-like seconds pattern with rough hand feel is formed.

XG605-1A matting sand texture agent and SA208 texture agent are metal organic complexes and a curing accelerator. Their technical indicators are as follows:

XG6051A matting sand texture agent technical indicators: SA208 sand texture agent technical indicators:
Appearance light yellow powder Appearance fine white or light yellow powder
Melting point: 193~195℃ Melting point: 185-200℃
Solid content 21*99%
Volatile content ≤0.5%

Due to the curing promotion effect of this sand texture agent, the gelation time of the powder coating under the curing temperature condition is very short. The coating film is too late to level, forming a sand grain appearance. This kind of sand texture agent participates in the chemical reaction in the curing reaction. It is a reactive sand texture agent and has obvious matting effect on the coating film. Therefore, XG605-1A is also called a matting agent. In this powder coating system, filler The variety and dosage of the film have a significant impact on the thickness and gloss of the sand pattern of the coating. Especially bentonite and the like have a greater impact. The amount of XG6051A matting second-stroke agent and SA208 sand-graining agent in the oxygen-poor powder coating is 3.5%~5.0% of the total epoxy resin. When using the dry mixing method (additional method), the epoxy and epoxy-poly The dosage in the ester powder coating is 1%~2%

In addition, when the aforementioned clear curing agent such as XG603-1A is used in combination with organic bentonite, sand grain powder coatings can also be obtained. The quality and amount of bentonite determine the gloss of the coating film and the thickness of the second line, and the amount of leveling agent and brightener The gloss of the coating film can also be adjusted. The amount of organic shadow moisturizing in the formula is 1-5% of the total formula.


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