Application of polyethylene wax as mold release agent

2022-01-18   Pageview:517

Polyethylene wax is a lubricant and mold release agent with good external lubrication. It can be added to rubber and plastic to improve processing efficiency, surface gloss and wear resistance of products.

Mold release agents are usually divided into three categories: inorganic, organic and polymer.

1、Inorganic release agent, such as talc, mica powder and clay, white clay, etc. as the main components of the configuration of the compound, mainly used as rubber processing film, semi-finished products with anti-adhesive isolating agent.

2, organic release agents including fatty acid soap (potassium soap, sodium soap, ammonium soap, zinc soap, etc.), fatty acids, paraffin, glycerin, petroleum jelly, etc.

3, polymers, including silicone oil, polyethylene glycol, low molecular weight polyethylene wax, etc., their release agent efficiency and thermal stability than organic release agent is much better.

Mechanism of action: The role of lubricant is to reduce the friction between the contact surface of polymer and processing machinery and between the molecular chains of polymerization, the former becomes external lubricant, the latter is called internal lubricant.

The internal lubricant is compatible with the polymer, but it is less compatible at room temperature and more compatible at high temperature. The rate of lubricant incorporation into polymer is related to the compatibility of lubricant and polymer, and the size of compatibility depends on the molecular structure of lubricant and relative polymer polarity.

The main characteristic of the lubricant is that it is less compatible or even incompatible with the polymer. In the process, it is easy to extrude from the mixture under pressure and migrate to the surface or outside the interface between the mixture and the processing machinery, the lubricant molecules are oriented and arranged with the polar groups toward the metal surface, forming a lubricant molecular layer through physical adsorption or chemical bonding on the surface.

Polyethylene Wax for Solvent-based Printing Ink PEW-0391 Name: Granule Polyethylene wax Model: PEW-0391 Chemical Composition:Polyethylene wax


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