The role of EBS

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EBS–Ethylene-bis-stearamide synthetic wax is a very good performance internal and external lubricant, and also as a processing aid and pigment dispersant.

Chinese name: Ethylenebis-stearamide

Production raw materials: stearic acid and ethylene diamine

Appearance: white or light yellow, similar to solid wax in form, hard and tough in texture

Advantages: no effect on physical properties such as thermal stability, appearance, color and transparency of products

Effects: Internal and external lubricant; antistatic agent; nucleation transparent agent; dispersant; demoulding agent; anti-caking agent; matting agent; degassing agent opening agent (anti-bonding); non-silicone defoamer; improve lipolysis (MI)













Lubricants (slip agents) and anti-scratch agents migrate to the surface to form a monomolecular layer or migrate to the surface of the coating film to form a protective layer during the melting and leveling process of the powder coating, reducing the surface tension and surface friction coefficient of the coating. Play a lubrication (increasing slip) effect. And to improve its anti-scratch performance additives.

There are two types of lubricants (slip agents) and anti-scratch agents. One is silicones, including silicone polymer phenyl and alkyl modified silicones, polyether modified silicones, and polyester modified silicones. Reactive silicones and reactive group-modified silicones, etc., after adding, reduce the surface tension and migrate to the surface of the coating film to form a monomolecular layer, so that the coating film has good flatness, lubrication (slip) and scratch resistance The role of injury. The other is waxes, including polyethylene wax, polypropylene wax, polytetrafluoroethylene wax, polyamide wax, polytetrafluoroethylene modified polyethylene wax and polyethylene modified polyamine wax, etc. The relative density is about 1.0 , Poor compatibility with powder coating resin, some have high hardness, high toughness and easy dispersibility, migrate to the surface of the coating during the film forming process to form a uniformly distributed protective layer, reduce the coefficient of friction, improve the anti-scratch performance and lubrication performance. It is not suitable to use liquid additives in powder coatings, so solid powdered wax additives are mainly used. One of the functions of wax penalty additives is to increase the hardness of the coating film through its high hardness and play a role in scratch resistance. The role of injury: Another function is the slipperiness of the wax layer. When the workpieces collide with each other, it is not easy to be bruised. Even if the scratches are touched, it is easy to recover, and it is not easy to leave marks.

The molecular weight of wax lubricating (slip) and anti-scratch agents is between 1500 and 6000. Except for the relative density of PTFE wax, which has a relative density of 2.2, the other relative densities are between 0.8 and 1.0, and their particle sizes are all in the range. The coating film with different appearance can be obtained between the levy meter and tens of micrometers.

At present, there are many kinds of special lubricating (slip) agents and anti-scratch agents in powder coatings. Among them, there is AS-14B lubricant from Guangzhou Tianlong Trading Co., Ltd. The appearance is white granular powder, the softening point is 85~100℃, and the volatile content is Less than 0.02%, the dosage in the formula is 0.5%~1.0% of the total, melt-extrusion mixing method dispersion: microcrystalline wax AW02, the dosage is 1%~3% of the total formula, dispersed by melt-extrusion mixing method :Polyethylene wax AW52, the dosage is 0.3%~3% of the total formula, disperse by melt extrusion mixing method or dry mixing method added in powder coating: Micronized wax AW03, the dosage is 1%~3% of the total formula 、Use melt extrusion mixing method to disperse; Micronized waxes AS91 and AS65, the dosage is 0.3%~1% of the total formula, use melt extrusion mixing method or dry mixing method to disperse: PTFE modified wax AW61 and AS90, The dosage is 0.3%~1% of the total formula, and it is dispersed by melt-extrusion mixing method.


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