AQ-X200 solvent-based defoamer in paint effects

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This product is fluorine-containing modified silicone defoamer, which is suitable for all kinds of solvent-based coatings and has good effect on the bubbles generated during the production, mixing and construction of coatings. It is also effective for self-drying and baking coatings, and can effectively eliminate pinholes and fish eyes. Its performance is equivalent to BYK141 and Deqian’s 5500.











Name: AQ-X200 solvent-based paint defoamer
Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Fluorine-containing modified silicone


AQ-X200 solvent-based coating defoamer
Contains fluorine modified silicone

Product introduction
Product technical index
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Ingredients: Fluorine-containing modified silicone
Density: 0.86-0.88
Solvent: xylene/butyl acetate
Note: The above data only describes the typical properties of this product, and is not an agreement or guarantee.

Product use and application
This product is suitable for alkyd paint, amino baking paint, polyurethane paint, nitrocellulose paint, etc. Suggested addition amount: 0.6% of the total paint volume. Wax powders can be added before grinding when producing color paints, or added when matching paints, and must be stirred thoroughly.

Package specification
The product is packed in 25kg plastic drums.
Special packing specification can be made according to user’s requirement.

Storage and transportation
This product is dangerous product, avoid open fire and keep away from fire source during storage and transportation.








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