The role of polyethylene wax emulsion in water-based coatings

2022-04-20   Pageview:492

Polyethylene wax emulsion is a commonly used water-based coating additive, due to its high softening point, strong non-polar characteristics, and difficulty in emulsification. In addition, the ink and coating industries have high requirements for wax emulsion particle size and emulsifier dosage. Therefore, the development of polyethylene wax emulsion with high melting point (higher than 120°C) and ultrafine particle size (less than 100nm) has always been a technical difficulty in the domestic ink and coating industry.

1. Physical properties of high density polyethylene wax emulsion

Oxidized polyethylene emulsion commonly used in water-based coatings has a melting range of 90-145 °C, is light yellow and translucent, is odorless and tasteless, and has excellent strength and toughness.

2. Application characteristics of polyethylene wax emulsion in water-based coatings

(1) Smoothness, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. After the polyethylene wax emulsion is added to the water-based ink, the wax emulsion drifts to the surface of the coating film during the film-forming process, disperses evenly, and forms a wax protective layer on the coating film. , reduces the coefficient of friction; therefore, the wear resistance and slippage of the coating are excellent, and it also changes the direction of the coating force and improves the scratch resistance of the coating.

(2) The influence of the particle size of the emulsion on the gloss of the coating. The wavelength of visible light is 400-700 nm. When the particle size of the polyethylene wax emulsion is less than 1/2 of the wavelength of visible light, that is, ≤ 200 nm, light diffraction will occur, which can improve the Coating gloss. It is generally believed that the greater the particle size change of the wax emulsion, the more obvious the gloss effect; in addition, the gloss of the coating is also related to the crystallinity of the wax. The particle size of wax emulsion has reached nano-scale, which is the best surface protectant for high gloss ink system.

3. Application scope of polyethylene wax emulsion

Polyethylene wax emulsion is widely used in food packaging containers, textiles, resin finishing agents, softeners, printing inks, water-based coatings, printing glues, water-based varnishes (leather, shoe, paper, shoe cream, adhesives, automotive care, floor care), etc.

With the rapid development of the water-based paint industry, the application of polyethylene wax emulsions has become more and more extensive. Therefore, the quality and output of water-based wax products should be further improved to meet the diversified needs of the market.


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